Time Table Rock Stars Day

On Thursday 9th January the whole school took part in a TTRS day. We dressed up as rockstars and took part in maths activities throughout the day. During our assembly we learnt all about the importance of learning our times tables and how using Times Table Rock Stars can help us. We had a live battle between 2 of our school’s quickest children and even Mrs Shelton and Mr Bartram got involved. It was amazing to see how fast some children are – but the main message was the importance of accuracy.


In Nursery we sang along to our favourite counting song with Mr Mc. We worked in groups to order the numicon shapes and find the correct number of objects to match each number.


In Class 1 we began the day with an investigation exploring the number 5. We learnt that Jack from Jack and the beanstalk got 5 beans in exchange for his cow. We looked at different ways of making 5 and how 5 beans could be shared between Jack and his Mum. We also did lots of counting to different numbers using the beans.


In Class 2 we made arrays using peg boards to solve multiplication questions. We found out that multiplication can be done in any order. We also did a times table treasure hunt around the playground focusing on the 2, 5 and 10 times table.


In Class 3 we had lots of fun playing TT Rock stars and challenging our teachers to battles! We played a game in pairs using dice. We rolled a dice each and multiplied the numbers together to see who was quickest – it was very competitive! We also created our own board games and posters to help us learn our times tables.


Class 4 enjoyed a day full of times table fun!  They played card and dice games to improve their speed, shared useful tricks and strategies for remembering certain times tables and even composed songs to make their target times table more memorable.


During TTRS day, Class 5 created board games to support and engage younger children to learn their times tables in a fun and interactive way!


We all had a great fun filled day learning our times tables in a variety of ways.


If you are unsure about your child’s TTRS login details, please ask your child’s class teacher for more information.

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