Water Safety

Wakefield Water Safety – This link will take you to some relevant information which has been recently updated by Wakefield Council.


RNLI – What to do in an Emergency?


1. Fight your instinct to thrash around
First keep calm and try not to panic, your instinct will be to swim hard, don’t

2. Lean back
Lay on your back and float like a starfish if you get into trouble in the water, breathe slowly, then you can make a plan or swim to safety if possible

3. Gentle movements
If you need to, gently move your arms and legs in a sculling motion (a bit like when using an ore in a boat)

4. Catch your breath
Float until you can control your breathing. Do this for 60-90seconds or until you feel calm

5. Now think about how to get out
Only now can you think about the next steps

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