Here at St. Ignatius, staff have been trained in the Thrive approach.

What is Thrive?
Thrive is a whole-school social and emotional programme that helps to improve children’s well-being by identifying any interruptions in a child’s development. It enables children to engage with life and learning, building upon existing skills, while developing areas of their mental health that they may struggle with. Thrive supports children in becoming more self-assured, emotionally resilient and able to build a strong enough stress-management system that allows them to cope with all the challenges life may bring.

What are the benefits of Thrive?
Thrive shines a light on children’s behaviour and what they are trying to communicate to us. It then provides children with the strategies to change that behaviour:
• it promotes productive learning for all children
• it gives individual targeted or group support for children
• it leads to better relationships at home and in school
• it provides ongoing support and assessment using online tools

All teaching staff will use Thrive in their classrooms to improve class well-being. Alongside this, Mrs Huntington (our Learning Mentor) will work with individual pupils who may require a higher level of support.

To find out more about the use of Thrive at St Ignatius, please speak to Mrs Ridgeon (SENDCo), who is our Thrive Licensed Practitioner.