School Lunches

St Ignatius School actively promotes healthy eating, and your children will have plenty of opportunities during the school year to learn about healthy diets. This is reflected in the meals we provide.

Menus are planned to give children healthy meal options, including plenty of fresh fruit, salads and vegetables. School dinners are prepared on site each day using fresh ingredients by a company called Dolce. The menus meet the School Food Standards and every child is given the opportunity to choose what they want for lunch from the menu. Parents can view online what their child has had for lunch and the ingredients used. You can also choose from the menu online at home. To find out more about Dolce go to

The current cost of school dinners is £2.30 per day for each child (lunches for children in classes 1 and 2 remain free). You can pay for school dinners by direct debit or by card. Dolce handle all payments and manage parent accounts. Parents can sign up for direct debit at Card payments can be made through your online account, or by calling Dolce on 01942 707709.

Some children will be eligible for free school meals. If you think this could apply to your child please let us know. We can help you claim the financial assistance so you don’t miss out.

Please note: from January 2018, any lunch ordered but not cancelled by 9.30am may be charged for. This means that if you pre-order meals from home and your child is off school for any reason you must cancel the meal before 9.30am otherwise you may be charged.

Dolce are introducing this to reduce food wastage from meals which are ordered and cooked, but not collected.

Please remember to cancel any pre-ordered meals if your child is absent from school