Children’s Safeguarding

Here you can find a selection of links about children’s safeguarding aimed to support and advise children.

Please also refer to our main safeguarding page.

Stranger danger messages

Managing difficult feelings

NHS SARCs and advice

Victim support

Victim support SA

Online sexual harassment

Young minds crisis service

Online support for young people

Gaming advice

Young gamers and gamblers education

National association of children of alcoholics (NACOA)

Getting help overcoming abuse

Emotional wellbeing for young people

Contextual safeguarding

NSPCC keeping children safe


Reporting or removing nude images online

Advice on dealing with nude images/content online

– Clever Never Goes (updated stranger danger messages)

– Managing difficult feelings booklet

– Help after rape /sexual assault NHS SARC

– Victim Support – Children

– Victim support rape and sexual assault

– Online sexual harassment guidance for students

– Young Minds crisis service

– Compass free online support for young people

– Gaming advice hub

– Young Gamers & Gamblers Education Trust

– National Association of Children of Alcoholics

– Getting help to overcome abuse- young persons guide

– Emotional health resource for young people- Children’s Society

– Your Guide to Contextual Safeguarding

– Keeping children safe | NSPCC

– Childline | Childline

– Childline posters and wallet cards | NSPCC Learning

– Report Remove | NSPCC – how to remove nude images online

– So You Got Naked Online | SWGfL

– Vaping & e-Cigarettes – The Facts – A4 Information Poster for Children

– Anti-Vaping video for Children