Attendance & Absence

It is important that children develop good habits of attendance and punctuality.  Absence and late arrival at school should not occur without good reason.

Children are expected to be in attendance for every session of school during the school year unless a valid reason for absence, in accordance with Statute, is offered, e.g. medical or bereavement.

Please ensure you contact the school by telephone on the first morning of absence and also ensure your child returns from absence with an explanatory note for our records.
If a child needs to leave school early to visit the dentist or clinic etc it is important that the school is informed. Children must be collected from school and no child will be allowed to leave school unless accompanied by an authorised adult.

The Headteacher cannot authorise holiday absences. If you take your children on holiday at times other than during school holiday periods these would count as unauthorised absences, which we monitor. In extreme circumstances penalties may be imposed by courts.

No provision is made for absences for social reasons such as birthdays, shopping trips or days out.

The school is obliged by law to follow up on any child who is absent from school without explanation or if the explanation for an absence in not adequate.

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