Growth Mindset

At St Ignatius, we have a ‘Growth Mindset.’ This enable pupils and staff to see failure and mistakes as opportunities for learning. This attitude helps develop resilience and improves success. Establishing this philosophy early, means children are effective learners. Staff have a good understanding of the language and strategies involved and model this through their everyday interactions.

This positive way of thinking is embedded through the ‘St Ignatius Learner Values.’ Student representatives from each class devised these. They help children to focus on what makes a successful learner. They are to be an Inquirer, Challenge-Seeker, Risk-taker, Resilient, Reflective and your Best-Self. Children designed logos for each of these, which are displayed and referred to in all classrooms. They are also on certificates and badges, which are awarded in our weekly whole school celebration assembly, Sangam.


Other strategies include the use of flexible grouping allowing children to drive their own learning and work in their ‘stretch zone.’ The learning pit is another important idea used to help children identify ways to work through a tricky learning task and find their way out with increasing independence.

We were lucky to have a visit from a doctor and nurse in our community to talk about how the brain works and how new connections are made when we link new learning to our existing knowledge.

The impact of having a ‘Growth Mindset’ has evident throughout school. Children’s views are not as fixed. This is having a positive effect on their self-esteem, attitude to learning and their willingness to challenge and stretch themselves to achieve their potential.

Growth mindset is a fundamental part of every classroom. Weekly certificates and Dojos reward points are awarded for modelling the learner values. Children want to work in their ‘stretch zone’ and know what they need to do to succeed.