C2 – Inspirational Women

As part of our ‘Inspirational Women’ topic we were visited by a previous pupil of St Ignatius Primary School, Dr Elliot.

The children prepared questions to ask Dr Elliot about what it was like to be a doctor and how she trained. It was lovely to hear such fantastic questions from them. Dr Elliot talked about how hospitals are different to hospitals when Florence Nightingale was alive and how they have improved medicine and equipment since then.

We did an experiment about how best to keep our hands germ-free. One child washed their hands with anti-bacterial gel, another child with water and another child with soap and water. The children found that we needed soap and water to make our hands clean and germ-free.
Dr Elliot also showed the children what she carries in her doctor’s bag. The children loved seeing and talking about the different equipment and what it was used for.

The highlight of the day was the children using the equipment. They all enjoyed playing doctors by checking heart rates, listening to heart beats, looking in ears, checking oxygen levels and checking temperatures.
It was great to see so many children engaged and talking about what they had learnt.

One parent said ‘My child came home tonight feeling really inspired by the inspirational women’s talk from Dr Elliot. She was full of talk about Florence Nightingale and we had a great bedtime chat about it all!’


They all learnt a lot – Thank you Dr Elliot!

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