BKCAT Safer School App

All BKCAT Trust Schools are launching the recommended Safeguarding Safer Schools APP (free) on Monday 11th November.  The APP is available to be downloaded in most APP stores.


The Safer Schools App contains contextual safeguarding information, advice and guidance tailored to meet the needs of individual users. All roles have access to the safety centre which explains safety settings, reporting and blocking functions for apps, games and other platforms.


School staff have access to contemporary safeguarding information and a range of resources. Content addresses issues relating to safeguarding in the context of social media, including digital imagery, bullying, sexting and gaming. Amongst other information available, staff and teachers also have access to professional information, advice and CPD accredited courses on Appropriate Use of Social Media, Safeguarding Level 1 and Managing Mental Health in Schools. School can send push notifications to parents and pupils.


Parents and carers have access to information on the popular social media platforms used by their children and their friends. They are also provided with an insight on critical issues such as bullying, sexting and gaming and given easy to follow advice on how they can make their homes and the devices they give their children safer. Parents can build their level of confidence by completing Parental Digital Proficiency tests in the App.


Pupils in KS2 have access to age appropriate information, advice and guidance on keeping themselves safe online. This includes sharing images, information and privacy considerations. They also have access to content on bullying and are signposted to pathways for help. Schools and pupils can build their levels of online competence by participating in the Pupils Online Proficiency Tests in the App.

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