Science education is important in developing the child’s understanding of the world around them through the various branches of science.

The science curriculum is exciting, hands-on based learning where children are given opportunities to find answers, discuss their ideas and develop their understanding of the world around them. In order to do this successfully they need to develop range of skills and knowledge including:

  • Scientific vocabulary
  • Applying their mathematical knowledge
  • Know how science is used in everyday life
  • Working scientifically
  • Understanding a fair test

It also teaches children a specific set of skills around exploring their ideas, finding answers and creating enquiring minds.

The science curriculum is currently taught in year groups in KS1 and on a 4 year rolling programme in KS2.

Please see below for Science Long Term Plans and Science Policy:

Science Policy



Class 3, Year B LTP

Class 4, Year B LTP

Class 5, Year B LTP

Latest Science News

Nursery British Science Week 2020

Nursery had a very exciting week for Science Week! We tried to make windows in blocks of ice using salt, warm water and cold water. We found out that warm water worked really well. We tried to identify different fabrics using only our sense of touch. We investigated the different types of bubbles we could […]

British Science Week 2020

Our week kicked off with a fantastic visit from the ‘Wonderdome School Planetarium Show’ for all classes followed by lots of hands-on activities across school! An exciting week for all!  

Science Class 5 – Thermal Insulation Investigation

Class 5 investigated which material would make better insulation to keep Miss Jackson’s cup of tea warm. It’s always going cold so quickly! Unfortunately, I didn’t fancy putting a bed sock around my ‘Yorkshire Tea’, but it was a very good insulator!