Religious Education

The purpose of Religious Education at St Ignatius Catholic Primary School is to nurture the Catholic Faith, and its teachings, in our children. By helping them to live this faith, we hope to encourage our children to develop a better relationship with God and others around them.

Central to our ethos are the opportunities for prayer and worship which lie at the heart of our faith. We will endeavour to promote and encourage these at every level, together with the skills and attitudes necessary to live out the Christian message in the modern world.

Religious Education (R.E) should promote pupils’ cultural, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical development and prepare children for the opportunities and responsibilities that are to come.

R.E is a core subject at St Ignatius Catholic Primary School. It is delivered mainly through the religious education programme ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’ but is also encouraged through links with home, the Parish Church, the Wakefield Catholic Partnership of schools, the local community and other subject areas, especially PSHCE. We believe that all aspects of R.E should be woven into the fabric of school life.

Latest Religious Education News

Mini Vinnies Basic Breakfast Challenge

The Mini Vinnies did a great job of serving the children with bowls of porridge for our Basic Breakfast Challenge. The children were asked to swap their usual breakfast for a bowl of plain porridge to help raise money for the Mary’s Meals charity. Around 60 children chose to have a porridge breakfast at school […]

Nursery – St Francis of Assisi’s feast day

St Francis of Assisi is our class saint. We celebrated the feast of St Francis of Assisi by asking God to bless our pets and favourite animals. We shared animal biscuits and made bird decorations.