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Children learn to read in Early Years and Key Stage One, by following a structured phonics programme called ‘Floppy’s Phonics’. Floppy’s Phonics is a rigorous,  systematic synthetic phonics teaching programme for early reading and writing success.

We use interactive phonics lessons and activities to teach sounds, blending, grapheme-phoneme correspondences, letter formation and pronunciation to the whole class. This is then followed up with  individual practice and interventions where necessary. The programme is delivered daily, and consists of five levels. The children work progressively through each of the levels one to five. The scheme and assessment materials enable consistent teaching and careful monitoring of children’s progress.

In Early Years and KS1 children are grouped for phonics sessions according to their current year group. The children’s progress in phonics is closely monitored and assessed every half term. At the end of Year 1, children have a National Phonics Screening Check, which assesses their progress in phonics.

Please check the attached Parent Guide for details of how to access the Extra Practice Zone for Floppy’s Phonics

The following links from Oxford Owl (the publishers of Floppy’s Phonics) give plenty of top tips to help your child with phonics as they progress through the stages of early reading.

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