Design & Technology

Design and Technology contributes to the school curriculum by preparing all young people to participate in a rapidly changing technological world. Pupils learn to become creative problem solvers, both as individuals and working with others. Design and Technology is a practical subject which always involves children in designing and making products which serve a purpose.

We aim to:

  • Provide children with the opportunities to develop independence and co-operation
  • Help children develop critical awareness of the products they choose, use, consume and wear provide children with practical skills to work safely with a range of materials,tools,techniques and equipment
  • Provide children with knowledge and understanding to develop practical problem solving skills and celebrate cultural diversity through the evaluation of products from different cultures
  • Develop children’s ability to communicate their ideas and opinions in a creative and constructive way

We intend to provide opportunities for children to:

  • Know and understand how designers and technologists work and so relate their work to the real world
  • Participate in designing and making products that have a clear purpose and relevance
  • Evaluate and disassemble (where appropriate) products in order to inform their own designing and making
  • Practise skills using a range of tool, materials and equipment
  • Visualise what they might make before recording their ideas in some form
  • Evaluate work as it develops and, if necessary, suggest alternatives
  • Produce designs and plans which list stages in making as well as tools and materials to be used

Detailed planning coming soon

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