At St Ignatius our aim is to create motivated ‘life-long’ learners through the use of ICT to enhance learning and teaching.

Education in the 21st Century is preparing children for a future in which ICT is an integral part of society and therefore it is our aim to ensure that we develop ICT skills and safe use of ICT.

We aim to:

  • Engage the children through enriched multi-media learning experiences
  • Use ICT to enhance their learning and deepen their understanding
  • Extend their learning beyond the classroom to take control of their own ‘e-learning’ and understand how to stay safe
  • We aim to keep pace with educational and technological developments in ICT and have a commitment for having the necessary tools e.g. laptops, Ipads and interactive whiteboards to do their jobs effectively.
  • We provide an environment where access to ICT resources is natural, commonplace and safe
  • The school website will be informative, user-friendly and a showcase of the school’s achievements

Detailed planning coming soon

Latest Computing News

Budding Spielbergs – Computing

  We filmed, produced and directed our own film trailers, and also learnt the importance of working as a team.                

Inspirational Song Videos – Year 5/6 Bubble

We made a video comprised of photos and drawings set to the music of an inspirational song. After uploading our images, we had to time the amount of seconds the pictures stayed on screen to make sure the pictures were in time with the music. Make sure you have your volume turned up!     […]

PowerPoint-Class 3

Before the second lockdown, we enjoyed making a PowerPoint presentation about the Stone Age people.              We also learnt how to link our pages using hyperlinks.                                                 […]