This is a Catholic school so Christ and the principles of the Catholic faith are at the heart of everything we do. At St Ignatius we are committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum.  We recognise that in doing so we will be providing the children with a firm foundation to develop their future potential. Teaching at St Ignatius is governed by the National Curriculum.

The National Curriculum is an educational framework. It ensures that teaching and learning is balanced and consistent and sets out: the subjects taught, the knowledge, skills and understanding required in each subject, standards or attainment targets in each subject, which teachers can use to measure your child’s progress and plan the next steps in their learning as well as how your child’s progress is assessed and reported.

The National Curriculum is made up of blocks of years, known as key stages:

Year 1 and Year 2 of primary school are known as Key Stage 1. Years 3 to 6 of primary school are known as Key Stage 2.

Our curriculum is currently based on the following subjects: English, Geography, Mathematics, Art, Science, Music, Design and Technology, Physical Education, Computing, History, French (KS2)

In addition cross-curricular themes including health education, education for citizenship, environmental education, education for economic and industrial understanding, European awareness and careers education are planned and taught as appropriate and relevant to specific topics.

Alongside the National Curriculum our children study Religious Education. We use a programme recommended by the Diocese of Leeds called The Way, the Truth and the Life. We are committed to ensuring R.E. is a core subject and at least 10% of curriculum time is devoted to this.