Class 4

Welcome to Class Four!

Participation, enthusiasm and enjoyment are three words that we would use to ‘sum up’ our class! Class Four is a mixed age class comprising of Year Four and Year Five children and is taught by Mrs Ridgeon and Mrs Humbles.

In Class Four, we aim to encourage positive relationships between one another because we all have different strengths and a lot to share! We work hard to encourage children to be increasingly independent and responsible for their learning and hope that they leave Class Four with a strong sense of personal belief and good organisational skills.

We believe that part of teaching engaging lessons involves bringing the topics to life through educational visits and we try to have at least one visit per term.

We also enjoy swimming lessons every week .

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Latest News from Class 4

Bubble 2 Art Work

Key Worker Bubble 2 have produced some beautiful landscape artwork in the style of Claude Monet.

White Rose maths week 6 Year 4

Here are the worksheets to support the videos for week 6 Year 4. Y4-Week-6-Answers Y4-Week-6-Worksheets

White Rose maths sheet week 6 Year 5

Here are the worksheets to support the week 6 videos for Year 5 maths. Y5-Week-6-Answers Y5-Week-6-Worksheets