An inspired learning community with Jesus Christ at our centre


Welcome to St Ignatius.
We are proud and delighted to be able
share our school with you.

Every child is precious – each with their own unique set of gifts and talents and we work hard to nurture, encourage and support each child as they discover where their strengths lie. We have high aspirations for every child and an expectation that they will excel and achieve their potential. We have a dedicated team of staff, parents and governors, as well as a supportive Parish Priest who we work closely with to enhance the children’s faith-life.

We pride ourselves on our safe, happy and caring environment, as well as our Catholic virtues which are the foundation of all that we do.

Please take the time to explore our website, but the best way to see what our school has to offer is to come and visit us, so please ring us to make an appointment and see our school in action.

We hope that your child’s time with us will be fruitful, enjoyable and the source of many happy memories in the years to come.

Simon Bartram

Interim Headteacher

Quick Links

Class 5 – Gymnastics

Class 5 have been practising different point balances to create a mountain landscape.

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Class 5 – Online Safety

Reminding ourselves about the SMART rules and discussing our experiences of online learning and the internet over lock down...

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Class 5 – Football Skills

Making the most of the beautiful weather and practising our dribbling and ball control skills, ending with a few...

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Class 5 – Rhythmic Gymnastics!

Class 5 enjoyed creating their own dance depicting the journey of a river!   ...

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Computer Programming – Class 5

Before the lockdown, we were busy making our own arcade-style games.   Later we promoted our games on the Gadget Show.

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Bubble 2 Art Work

Key Worker Bubble 2 have produced some beautiful landscape artwork in the style of Claude Monet.

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White Rose maths week 6 Year 4

Here are the worksheets to support the videos for week 6 Year 4. Y4-Week-6-Answers Y4-Week-6-Worksheets

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White Rose maths sheet week 6 Year 5

Here are the worksheets to support the week 6 videos for Year 5 maths. Y5-Week-6-Answers Y5-Week-6-Worksheets

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