Whole School Maths Challenge


Each half term the children will be given a maths challenge which will be introduced and explained to them during assembly.

It is not compulsory for children to enter the competition but I would encourage children to participate in the activities, even if they do not want to hand it in.

The challenges aim to make children enthusiastic about maths and encourage them to use their maths skills in a creative way.

Details of each maths challenge will be placed on the school website, including links to websites and resources.

Some of the activities may be done in class time if they link to the class work at that time. If not, they will be set as a task to be completed at home.

The entries will be judged and the winner will have their work placed on the Maths Wall of Fame and receive a prize.


             The first Maths Challenge competition is to design, draw and colour your own      tessellating/repeating pattern.



The first Maths Challenge competition is to design, draw and colour your own     tessellating / repeating pattern.

All entries should be handed in to your class teacher, who will then pass them on to be judged by Mrs Duffy. The winning entry from each year group will be placed on our Maths Wall of Fame and the winner will receive a prize.

The deadline for your ‘Tremendous Tessellations’ is Monday 7th December.


Website resources


A video explaining what tessellation is:










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