School Newsletter 14 2017/18


Dear Parents/ Carers


We are almost at the end of the summer term. This year has been action packed once again, with visits and activities, special curriculum days and a range of PE activities and events both during and after school. The Family picnic last week to celebrate our school’s Patron saint was particularly enjoyable for all.


Friends of the School

Many, many thanks to the Friends for their continued support throughout the year. The have organised and led so many successful things for the children in school across the year. I know that they would be thrilled to have some new members next year, particularly from lower down the school.


The Friends were instrumental in bidding for the funding for the Trim Trail which has proven very popular with all.


Thanks to the Friends, in September all children in KS2 will have a locker to store their belongings – bags, coats, shoes, lunchboxes & PE kits. We trialed them with a range of equipment and belongings and found there was ample storage. Hopefully, the children will be able to keep tabs on their belongings much more easily, the cloakrooms will be tidier and there will be a lot less lost property. However, please put your child’s name in every piece of clothing and footwear.


All the children will get a new water bottle first day back in September also thanks to the Friends.


Thanks for everyone’s support for the Parish Garden Party. We were very pleased to hear that £1500 was raised to share between the school and the Parish.



All KS2 children (Y3-6) need a pair of indoor shoes. Most children wear a pair of black pumps.



School uniform with the logo can be bought from M&S on-line which gives us a small income from sales. School uniform consists of a red v neck jumper or cardigan, grey trousers or skirt/ pinafore. White shirt with school tie. School ties can be bought from the office for £1.50. These are much better value than from other sources and are usually of a better quality too.


Sweatshirts are not part of the uniform but may be worn as part of the outdoor winter PE kit, together with white polo shirt, navy shorts and navy joggers. For indoors just shorts, polo shirt and pumps are needed. Trainers may be worn outside.

Please name EVERYTHING!



Just a reminder to current Y2 parents – as your child moves into KS2 you have to pay for their school meals at the cost of £2.30 per day, as they are no longer subsidised by the government. The preferred method of payment is using the on-line system. If you think that you may be entitled to Free School Meals, please see Mrs. Booth for information.



We are saying a number of goodbyes this term.


Mrs. Wilby and Mrs. Noble both retire after a great length of service to the school. They both go with our love and best wishes for a long, happy and healthy retirement. We thank them for their services to the school and Catholic education. We are sure that they will leave with many fond memories of their time here and hope that they will still come to school events.


Mr. Bradley, who has been here a relatively short time, also goes with our best wishes as he moves to work in special education. We thank him for his great service and impact on our school in such a short time and know that he will be greatly missed by many.


Mr. Haley and Mrs. Spurr leave us at the end of term as their contracts end. We thank them both for their services to the school and wish them every success in their new roles.


We say goodbye to our wonderful Year 6 children and send them on their way to High school. They have worked hard and done their best and are now ready for the new challenges ahead of them. We send them with a strong relationship with Our Lord and hope that they continue to develop their faith journey whichever high school they attend.


May God Bless you all and keep all our children and families safe over the summer. We look forward to having everyone back safely with us at the start of the new term on Tuesday 4th September 2018 for Y1-6. All Reception pupils on Wednesday 5th September.


Mrs. Rush

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