Pastoral Care

The welfare and well-being of the children are the responsibility of all the staff in the school. Generally, class teachers are responsible for the safety and happiness of the children in their classes. However they also involve themselves in supervising the welfare of any child who may need attention or help in any matter, should particular class teachers not be available.

We also have the privilege of a very effective and well-qualified school counsellor, from Catholic Care, who works with children one day a week.

The children are supervised at play by teachers and support staff and at lunchtime by supervisory assistants who are responsible for supervision according to the instructions of the Headteacher.

Most members of staff hold a First Aid qualification and they attend or advise on minor injuries.  In the event of serious accident or illness arrangements are made to contact parents or carers so that the child can be taken home or to the hospital.

For this to be possible it is essential that parents inform the school of any change of telephone numbers or address

If it is not possible to contact anyone the school will be obliged to take whatever action seems most reasonable in the circumstances.