KS2 Wellbeing Afternoon

On Thursday 10th January, the team from CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service) came into school and ran a Wellbeing Afternoon for the whole of KS2. All the children took part in a carousel of activities, learning to manage their emotions, tune in to their feelings and practise methods of mindfulness to help them if they need to feel calmer. The children also did some activities planned by Mrs Dixon the Learning Mentor based on ‘Resilience’; what does it mean and how can our children be more resilient at school. The children all really enjoyed the afternoon and there were some positive comments following the sessions:


‘Whenever something happens I know what to do that can calm me down’


‘I’ve learnt that everyone has struggles and how I can calm myself down when I feel uptight’


‘I have learnt that sleep can affect our health’


‘Now I know how to look after myself in the future’

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