Events & Visits

We endeavour to widen the experience of the children we teach.  Whenever possible, subject to the availability of staff expertise, we try to provide the opportunity to acquire new skills and interests.

Special events are often held within school. The theme of the events vary – sometimes it can be to support a particular project or learning priority or to mark a special occasion or national celebration.

Visits from and visitors to school are frequently arranged for the children, in the course of class work. These vary from class to class and from year to year.

Year 6 children are given opportunities to go on a residential visit and also to take part in a variety of activities and experiences.  This gives the children firsthand experience of other people and places.  We spend a few days away at the Diocesan Retreat Centre at Myddelton Grange and also have a day of adventurous activities.

Advent Art Workshop

Some of our Year 4 children enjoyed an Advent Art Workshop at Holy Family & St Michael’s Catholic Primary School.

They had a wonderful time decorating their baubles. 

World Nursery Rhyme Week

To celebrate World Nursery Rhyme Week the children in Nursery and Reception dressed up as their favourite nursery rhyme characters.

Year 5’s Taster Day at St Thomas á Becket School



The aim of the day was to offer Year 5 a sample of the opportunities available at St Thomas á Becket School. They were taken on a tour by pupil guides and they experienced actual lessons, which included:


Design and Technology



Everyone agreed that it was a brilliant day.

A big thank you to Mr Rooney and all his staff who made us all feel welcome.




For more information about the school visit the link below:


Parish Garden Party


Thank you to all who attended the garden party, contributing to its success. The sun shone, there was a good atmosphere and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Thank you to the Parishioners who organised the events and also to the volunteers who put in so much hard work to make and serve refreshments and to run stalls and games.  😎




First Holy Communion



Our congratulations are sent to all the children who received Jesus in Holy Communion for the first time, we pray that they continue to grow in Faith.




Cannon Hall - Class 1


Class 1 really enjoyed their visit to Cannon Hall Farm on Tuesday.

We had a guided tour by one of the farm staff who showed us around some of the animals. First, we saw some pigs with their piglets, some of the piglets were on 2 weeks old. We also learnt that a Mummy pig has the babies in her tummy for 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days before they are born. After we saw the piglets with their Mums we saw some of the older piglets, the lady told us that these piglets like playing with a football.

We saw lots more animals including some cows, goats, llamas and alpacas. In the field we also saw a highland cow with her calf and some donkeys. The farmers were very busy the day we went, they were rounding up the sheep in the field and also driving lots of tractors around.

After we’d seen these animals we got the chance to stroke Fluffy the rabbit before going to watch the ferret racing. After the ferret racing we walked past the ferret cages, one of the farmers was feeding them some eggs as a treat.

After this, we went to see the sheep, we saw lots of different breeds of sheep and some baby lambs. We listened to one of the farmers talk to us about the sheep and then we went to see the sheep race – it was very exciting!

In the afternoon we went to see Martha the cow being milked, she was very stubborn and didn’t want to go back into her pen afterwards because she wanted to eat all the food on the floor. The man had to push her back in!

To end the day, we played on the adventure playground and crawled around in the tunnel maze.

The children all behaved brilliantly and staff, helpers and children all had a fantastic day.


Engineering Day


We found out that civil engineering is all about helping people and shaping the world. It’s the work that civil engineers do that make our lives much easier.

They keep us switched on and powered up by supplying electricity and gas to our homes. They give us clean water and purify it so we can use it again. They build all sorts of things so that we can get around, from roads and bridges to railways and airports.

 We enjoyed learning to work as a team with lots of challenges along the way.



Class 5

Our challenge was to build and test a windmill (turbine)

Class 4

Our challenge was to build and test a windmill (turbine)



Class 3

Our challenge was to build Ancient Greek temples with paper, nuts and bolts


Class 2

Our task was to create a car park leaving space for cars to manoeuvre and ensure pedestrians were safe. 

Class 1

Our task was to create a car park leaving space for cars to manoeuvre and ensure pedestrians were safe. 




Our challenge was to work together to build a tower that would not blow down.


Growth Mindsets Coin Challenge


As part of our ‘Brain Week,’ we have been given a challenge by Mrs Ridgeon.

Please watch the video below. You have until the 12th January, to practise and record your progress on sheets provided at school.

Good luck!




Nursery Nativity


The dress rehearsal went brilliantly.  🙂

The performance went perfectly  🙂
















Pirate Party - Nursery



‘Ooh arrr, shiver me timbers’, the pirate party was a great success.