Our children take part in two hours of timetabled PE lessons each week. These lessons include games, dance, gymnastics, athletics, outdoor and adventurous and swimming. We work closely with St Wilfrids Catholic High School to help ensure the best possible provision is provided for our children.

Our aim at St Ignatius Catholic Primary School is to raise the profile of Physical Education so that it is viewed by all as a valid and very important aspect of the ‘whole curriculum’ and to provide high quality Physical Education and Sport which should always:

  • Enable all children whatever their circumstances or ability, to take part in and enjoy PE and sport
  • Promote young people’s health, safety and well being
  • Enable all young people to improve and achieve in line with their age and potential. Through this we aim to ensure our children are committed to PE and sport and make them a central part of their lives both in and out of school
  • Know and understand what they are trying to achieve and how to go about doing it
  • Understand that PE and sport are an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Have the confidence to get involved in PE and sport
  • Have the skills and control that they need to take part in PE and sport
  • Willingly take part in a range of competitive, creative and challenge-type activities, both as individuals and as part of a team or group
  • Think about what they are doing and make appropriate decisions for themselves
  • Enjoy PE, school and community sport


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