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At St Ignatius we encourage a positive attitude towards Mathematics as competency in all aspects of the subject is an essential life skill. We aim to make sure all our children use and apply their skills with confidence and accuracy and recognise their value in everyday life. Mental calculations are taught systematically and children are given regular opportunities to develop their skills.

During their time at this school children will be encouraged to see mathematics as both a written and spoken language. They should be able to imagine, discuss and verbalise their thoughts about it. Stimulating, enjoyable games and activities are used to enhance the learning experience. We hope that children will see the pattern, creativity and wonder of mathematics.

In daily lessons, teachers will support and guide children through the following important stages:

  • Developing the use of pictures and a mixture of words and symbols to represent numerical activities
  • Using standard symbols and conventions
  • Use of jottings to aid a mental strategy
  • Use of written pencil and paper procedures
  • Use of a calculator

Where possible, children will be given opportunities to apply their skills in real life situations and in other subject areas across the curriculum. They will learn to work systematically and apply this in problem solving activities.

We put value on children having quick accurate recall of their multiplication tables and encourage and reward progress by awarding certificates and enamel badges to our ‘Times Table Champions’.


Maths Overview


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Maths Calculation Policy


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