Growth Mindset


St Ignatius’ Learner Values

During ‘Brain Week’ all the children learnt about their brain, how to look after it and have a growth mindset.  Through discussion, the children decided on what we believe to be the values needed to achieve our best. We are working hard to develop these in all our learning.  A logo has also been designed for each learner value. 




  • Asks questions
  • Likes to find out new things
  • Links ideas together
  • Uses what they already know











  • Is confident in their ability to learn.
  • Always has a go
  • Tries new things
  • Is not afraid to FAIL
  • (First Attempt In Learning)    













  • Never gives up
  • Remembers the power of YET
  • Learns from their mistakes                                      












  • Keen to take on challenges       
  • Uses a variety of strategies          
  • Chooses suitable tasks to move their learning on                 
  • Works in their stretch zone













  • Can self-assess their understanding
  • Knows their strengths and weaknesses
  • Understands their next steps
  • Acts on feedback (marking, discussion with teacher, peer assessment)











Your Best Self

  • Tries their best
  • Gives 100% effort all the time










Dojos are given during lessons and lunch times for showing the values and certificates are also awarded on a Friday during SANGAM for demonstrating particular learner values.