Welcome to Nursery!

Time in Nursery is a vital first step on a child’s journey through St Ignatius School.

During this time we will endeavour to give every child the best possible start to their school life in a safe, caring environment where each child is valued and encouraged to develop physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually in the image of Our Lord.

In Nursery we have lots of fun together as we learn essential skills through planned, purposeful play activities. We learn how to care for one another and develop lasting friendships.


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Long Term Plans


Nursery Newsletter: June 2019


Tips for Parents

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Count with me: 3-4 years

Move with me: 3-4 years

Read with me: 3-4 years

Write with me: 3-4 years What to Expect When in EYFS -follow the links to subscribe for free on your favourite social media platform

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