Class 5 – Spring Newsletter

Dear Parents


I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas break.


This half term the children in Class 5 will learn about ‘Inspirational People’. In this topic the children will learn about the qualities possessed by followers of Jesus through the theme of inspirational people. They will be introduced to inspirational followers of Jesus and be encouraged to reflect on how they can follow Jesus in their own lives.


The children will be looking at different styles of writing. We will have two main focuses through this term. The first will be looking at active and passive voices. Throughout this the children will be writing a newspaper report. The second focus, is around mystery writing which will engage the children with different text genres.


This will be linking in from last term; we begin by having a focus on percentages and decimals. The children will be able to compare these with the fraction work we have done previously. Then we will move onto to looking at some algebra.


Our topic for this term is Geography and the children will be learning about El Salvador. This will allow the children to explore a different culture and inspire them to think about how other people around the world live.


In Science the children will be comparing and grouping together everyday materials on the basis of their properties, including their hardness. They will give reasons, based on evidence from comparative and fair tests, for the particular uses of everyday materials, including metals, wood and plastic (advantages and disadvantages).


Art and Design
We will begin this by looking at basic structures with the hope that by the end the children will have created their own engineering structural designs.


PE will take place on a Tuesday morning and a Friday morning. On Tuesday morning the children will be taking part a healthy schools programme that we have signed up for. On a Friday morning the children will be taking part in badminton with the sessions being delivered by an outside coach.


Homework will now be given to the children on a fortnightly basis to be returned on the Tuesday. The return date will be specified on the slip. This will include a piece of literacy and maths work linked to what the children have been learning that week. I will be sending some RE homework this half term too linked to Inspirational People.


Booster Sessions
Maths Booster sessions have moved from a Monday evening to a Thursday evening. They will be 3.30-4.30pm. The same children who attended last half term are encouraged to attend again.


Maths Arithmetic Evening
I will run a Maths Arithmetic session for parents on Monday 15th January at 3.30pm and also at 6.30pm. This is designed to show you the types of questions that the children may have to answer in SATs. It is not testing you; the informal session will enable you to see how methods are used and what types of questions you might be able to practise with your child at home. Arithmetic makes up 40 marks and I am convinced that this will make the difference in them reaching the standard.


If you have any concerns or anything you wish to discuss, please contact school and I will be happy to meet with you.


Yours sincerely


S BARTRAM (MR) – Class 5 Teacher. 9 January 2018
S FENN (MRS)- Student Teacher.

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