C2 trip to The Deep

As part of our Geography topic ‘What a Wonderful World,’ Class 2 went to The Deep. We loved looking around at all of the different sea creatures and talked about where in the world they would live.

In the afternoon we took part in a workshop all about the coldest places on Earth and investigated what would live there. We played lots of fun games and activities and found out lots of information. The children investigated animals from cold places, penguins of the world and food chains.

The children loved going up through the ‘deep’ tank in the glass elevator and seeing all of the sea creatures up close. They also enjoyed the wall of ice and penguin enclosure. We were lucky enough to see some penguins jumping and gliding through the water. We tried to match the penguins to their fact file by identifying the penguin with the correct tag.

The children had a fantastic day and enjoyed learning about the cold places on our planet.

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