Class 2 – Newsletter


Dear Parent/Carer


Welcome back!

I hope you and the children have had a lovely summer holiday.



This term we will be learning about ‘Great Explorers.’ Within this topic we will learn all about what it means to be an explorer, with a special focus on Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus and Robert Falcon Scott. We will think about what it would have been like to be an explorer and how they would need to plan for an effective exploration. During the topic we will use a range of history skills to research the 3 main explorers through a range of sources. The topic will also provide a stimulus for DT and art projects.



Class 2 will start the school year by celebrating 100 years of Roald Dahl by reading a range of his stories and thinking closely about the description of his characters. We will focus on speaking and listening in order to improve our sentence construction.

As a class we will read a range of stories in line with the theme ‘Great Explorers’ as well as non-fiction texts such as newspaper reports and diary writing. Year 1 children will be focusing on oral rehearsal before writing their sentences, thinking about how to form their letters and which correct punctuation is needed. Year 2 will be focusing on improving basic sentences to include adjectives for description with showing an expanded vocabulary.



Children have been issued with a school reading book in line with their ability. We ask that children bring their reading book to school every day so that we have the opportunity to read with the children within school. Reading books will usually be changed on Tuesdays but this day may change due to circumstances within school. I would like to ask that you comment on your child’s reading in the red reading record to indicate how your child is reading at home and that books are finished and ready to change of Tuesdays. Please see the inside cover of the reading record for further information.


There will be a strong focus on both handwriting and spelling/phonics this year with the children starting each day in these activities. Year 1 will continue to work through the letters and sounds phonics scheme and year 2 will be starting to follow the Read, Write Inc. spelling scheme of work. The children will receive their spellings every Tuesday, consisting of their weekly focus words and the common exception words for their year group. Children will be tested on spellings the following Monday.



Within maths Year 2 will be investigating the number system, including using place value to 100, estimating amounts and ordering numbers. They will use their knowledge of the number system to solve addition and subtraction problems involving money and measures.

Year 1 will focus on number formation, place value and number bonds to 10. They will then use this knowledge to order and sequence a range of numbers.



Our RE topic this half term is ‘The Chosen People’ in which the children will learn about significant people from the bible and how God chose them for a special purpose. This topic will focus upon the old testament and will encourage children to think about how they would feel in a given situation. Within this unit of work we will talk about how the ‘Chosen People’ had faith in God and trusted Him by following His instructions.



PE is on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning this half term. It is advisable to bring a PE kit on a Monday morning and leave it in school throughout the week in case there is a change to the timetable. Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for PE which is in-line with the school policy and all clothing is labeled with your child’s name – thank you.



This half term we will be studying ‘Materials.’ In this topic we will explore and compare the properties of different materials, using subject specific language. This topic will link to our overall topic of ‘Great Explorers’ by thinking about appropriate clothing, materials for rockets and ships etc. We will compare different materials and their suitability for different purposes. Children will be conducting investigations and encouraged to make predictions and conclusions using topic specific vocabulary.



English and maths homework will be sent every Thursday unless stated otherwise. Please return this for Tuesday, to allow me to mark the homework in time. Feel free to add any comments to the homework which you feel are necessary e.g. if you needed to help your child or if they found it particularly easy. If there are any queries about the homework set, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Parents‘ Meeting

We will be holding a curriculum meeting in the classroom on Wednesday 28th September to further explain each year group’s end of year expectation. Within the meeting you will see examples of writing and reading extracts in line with the year group’s standard as well as receiving documents and resources to aid your child with their home learning.

The meeting will be repeated for those who prefer a later time. Please indicate on the slip below which curriculum meeting you will be attending.


Children have been provided with a new water bottle and we ask that children bring their water bottle to school every day with fresh water.

I would like to ask that if you are able to pre-order your child’s school dinner at home that would be much appreciated as it will speed up our morning routine enabling teaching to start earlier.


Yours sincerely


Mrs Duffy



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